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Sheffield Locksmith 24H provides essential lock repair and fixing services when you face an issue with your house lock or a shop lock.


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Misaligned Lock
sheffield lock repairs
sheffield lock repair
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Factors Influencing Lock Repair Charges

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Damage Of The Lock
Damage Of The Lock

The damage of the lock significantly impacts the overall cost. Before we fix the lock we check if its can be fixed.

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Lock Repairing Hour
Lock Repairs Hour

Locksmiths may charge differently to fix a lock depending on the time of day or night. Emergency lock repairing during unsociable hours or holidays might attract additional fees.

Complexity of the Job
Complexity of the Job

The complexity of the lock repairing task influences the cost. Advanced security measures may require more time and specialised equipment.

Common reasons why you need lock repairs in Sheffield, UK

Jammed Lock Repairs

Extreme weather conditions, a broken key that is stuck in the lock, excessive rust, are some of the reasons for a jammed lock but don’t worry, we can fix it.

Warped Door Frame

With time and humid weather, decay can take its toll and cause warping of the frame. This will compromise the lock because the locking mechanism will be misaligned.

Seized Lock

Key will not turn the lock? This is usually a good indication that the lock is seized, probably because some substance blocks it.

Faulty Key

Of course, the problem might be the key itself. If it is not cut properly, you will find it difficult to insert.

The key broke in the lock

There are many reasons why the key may break inside the lock, but using extra force is the most common one.

The Key Is Stuck In The Lock

It usually happens due to a poorly cut key or some fault of the lock itself.

Worn Out/Broken Lock

With time and use, you can start to experience the difficult turning of the key, which is a good sign that something is going wrong.

Misaligned Lock

Maybe the lock wasn’t installed correctly in the first place, and there is some misalignment. The parts don’t fit perfectly, making it hard to open or close.


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James Anderson


With over 12 years of experience, James is a master in his field. His expertise lies in lock repair and replacement, and he has a passion for helping people in need.

David Grace


David Grace is the heart of the service team. He is empathetic and a great listener, which makes him the go-to person for any client. 

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